Friendship Force journeys are central to the mission of  promoting understanding, cultural education and citizen diplomacy through homestay Journeys and personal friendships. Journeys can involve visits to other Friendship Force clubs within a country (domestic journeys) or in other countries (international journeys).

Cornwall group and hosts visited the National Museum of the American Indian

The journey planning process starts at least two years ahead of time, with requests by clubs to visit specific countries assignments by Friendship Force International.

  • Domestic journeys are planned through direct contact between clubs and often include reciprocal visits.
  • International journeys are assigned by Friendship Force International, through a matching process based on the requests from clubs.

Once a journey is assigned and agreed upon, the planning by the individual clubs begins. This includes finding home hosts for the visiting ambassadors and planning activities that demonstrate the cultural and historic aspects of the host location. Volunteers help with tasks large and small, such as planning a welcome or farewell event, leading a day’s activities, and more. No experience is required!

Lunch at Gadsby’s Tavern with visiting ambassadors from Seattle, WA

The homestay is a key feature of travel with Friendship Force. Ambassadors spend up to a week with a host family, sharing meals and conversation. This is a great way to really learn about life in a different place, and lifelong friendships often result. Hosting is a fulfilling experience, as well. We offer training for new hosts, but basically it’s like inviting a friend to stay with you. We feel like our Friendship Force guests are just friends we have not met yet. The host provides sleeping accommodation and breakfast and dinner most days, plus spending time getting to know each other.

Our hosts in Tottori, Japan meeting the incoming ambassadors from our club.

FFNCA has enjoyed many interesting and exciting journeys over the years, and we hope to continue for many years to come.

Read on for more about upcoming and past journeys.

Upcoming Journeys

Past Journeys

Coffee & pastry at Rieckhaus, an old farmhouse built in
1533, renovated, part of Museum of Vier-und Marschlande
Getting into the local culture