Outbound Journey — Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa exchange ambassadors at Peace Tower

Ottawa exchange ambassadors at Peace Tower

In June 2016, 18 ambassadors from FFNCA visited Ottawa, Canada’s capital. We enjoyed a program that allowed for individual interests in addition to visits to Parliament and the Supreme Court, boat, museum, and market tours. 

Ottawa exchange group photo

Ambassadors and hosts at Gatineau Park

Unusual but very enjoyable was a car rally in the Gatineau, a beautiful natural park. Three people per car competed for answers to questions requiring attention to various details in the park. It was great fun.

Another interesting event was a gathering in a beautiful home overlooking a lake in the Gatineau to discuss Canada’s health and legal systems. Another day we watched the Royal Canadian Mounted Police conduct their daily warm-up.

The welcome brunch was catered and the farewell dinner was a very classy event at a golf course.

Everything about this exchange was very well done, and very enjoyable for us ambassadors. The host club provided a program booklet, with photos and information about both ambassadors and hosts, which will help us remember the exchange and keep in touch with our hosts.