Recordings from Online Events

We had several online events in 2020 and 2021 during the time we have not been able to meet in person. We hope you enjoy the recorded version.

Photo Editing Workshop

On May 17, 2020, Duncan McBride presented a dynamic interactive workshop on photo editing something we can all use whether we use our mobile phones or cameras. Duncan is the leader of our Photography group and hopes some of you may be inspired to join. View the recording of the photo editing workshop.

Global Journey to Brazil

FFNCA members participated in a Global Journey to Fortaleza and the Amazon in November 2019. Mari Clarke gave a slide presentation and led a discussion among FFNCA members who participated in the trip, along with the journey coordinator from Sao Paolo and two participants from Canada. View the recording of this visit to Brazil.

Overcoming Spiritual Myopia: Expanding our Connections toward a Universal World View

Most FF members have broadened their horizons through open-minded and open-hearted contact with other cultures. Recent FFNCA member, Margaret (Margie) Placentra Johnston will discuss ways in which our Friendship Force mission and activities actually parallel spiritual development and can in fact help us move further along on the spiritual path. As an Optometrist, Margaret has helped people see better in the physical world for the past 38 years. For the last decade, she has worked toward clearer vision about spirituality through her two award-winning books, articles, lectures and classes. More about Margie.

Margie’s books:

  • Overcoming Spiritual Myopia: A View Toward Peace Among the Religions, (WINNER Body, Mind, Spirit Book Award in Spiritual Psychology)
  • Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind,  (GOLD WINNER of the 2013 Nautilus Book Award in Religion/Spirituality.)

View the recording of the Zoom session.

Wine Tasting: New Zealand Wines

FFNCA member and Vice President, Barbara Williams  led us on a happy hour  tasting of wines  from New Zealand along with photos from her  FFNCA Journey to New Zealand (homestays in Lake Taupo and Christ Church), featuring grapes and vineyards. The two wines are:

  • 2019 Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region.
  • Fern Ridge Pinot Noir, also from the Marlborough region.

View the recording of the Zoom session.

International Peace Day: Sunshine Coast, Australia Journey

We celebrated International Peace Day with members of the Long Island Friendship Force Club and members from other clubs who joined the journey plus a few members from the Sunshine Coast Australia club on Monday September 21, 2020. We showed a video of the March 2020 journey to Sunshine Coast Australia prepared by the Sunshine Coast Club as well as slides of the pre-journey travel to Brisbane, including the Koala Bear Sanctuary, and to the Great Barrier Reef.

View the recording of the Zoom session.

A roving eye…or two: through the lens of Michael Kuchinsky. Part I

 Part 1 provides some personal information about me and my interests. Part 1 takes a broad look at travel photography, and how it can be complemented by other forms or themes. Monochrome photography, street photography, naturescapes (land, sea, and sky) and changes to some perspective, and the importance of people.  What I try to do or look for with these various forms of photographs, even while traveling, is part of the narrative. Each photo shown describes some of the aspects that I found appealing.

View the recording of the Zoom session.

Calgary presentation on their journey to Kiel

A Friendship Force journey to Kiel, Germany from Calgary, Canada included some FFNCA members as well as other Friendship Force members around the country. This presentation shared some of the highlights of that journey as well as information about the clubs involved.

View the recording of the Zoom session.

Documentary Film on Grundy, Virginia

Russell Belcher’s documentary film about his mountain home town of Grundy, in Southwest Virginia, which was demolished to make way for a flood control project in the Spring and Summer of 2006 and onward. There are poignant scenes of the town coming down and people talking about their lives as they watched the town being erased. The mountains and the river are central to the story about a part of the country most people know little about. There are also excerpts from the life story of Frank Newsome, an Old Regular Baptist minister from the county who won an NEA award for his acapella singing and sang in the Library of Congress in 2011.

View the recording of the Zoom session.

Folklore Society Presentation

Amanda Muir, Secretary of the Folklore Society of Greater Washington (FSGW), provided background and shared video clips from the Orpheus Workshop Series that engages the audience in their own homes to learn new cultural styles with familiar instruments to develop existing skills and explore new artistic avenues. Cultural expressions covered in the Orpheus Workshops include instrumental music, dance, song, and art. 

View the recording of the Zoom session.

Russia and Orthodox Easter

Paul Gesalman has visited Russia numerous times in the past ten years and has visited all but three of the former Soviet Republics. Those visits include leading two Friendship Force journeys to Russia and one to Azerbaijan. He spoke on life in those countries and how they were affected by the Soviet era. The religions of the region and particularly the importance of the Russian Orthodox Church and its celebration of Easter were a special focus of the presentation.

View the recording of the Zoom session.

Including People with Hearing Challenges

This workshop focuses on how we can welcome and include people with hearing loss. We all have friends and family who have difficulty hearing speakers and personal conversations. Some of us have hearing issues of our own. This workshop will help us take measures to ensure that our members and visiting Ambassadors who have hearing challenges are fully included in our activities.These measures will also be helpful in communicating with friends and families with hearing challenges. 

View the recording of the Zoom session.

Rumi Forum Overview and Study Trips to Turkey

Ibrahim Anli, Executive Director of the Rumi Forum, provided an overview of the Rumi Forum and its work fostering intercultural understanding and interfaith dialogue. He also shared photos and information about Rumi Forum study trips to Turkey.

View the recording of the Zoom session.

International Peace Day Program

We celebrated International Peace Peace Day with a Zoom social hour. We discussed what peace means to us in the context of the FFI mission of building peace one friendship at a time. David Fishman highlighted some of Rotary International’s past and present peace activities.

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. Two decades later, in 2001, the General Assembly unanimously voted to designate the day as a period of non-violence and cease-fire. Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, through observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire.

View the recording of the Zoom session.